After moving in to our new old house, I been wanting to do nothing else than snuggle up inside behind our walls with my family, this is where I feel safe and comfortable.  I do love our new place, but so many things need to be done and it will take time to build a home that feels warm and cozy.  Our new little town we moved to has this special feeling, it seems like everybody know each other and have a very special small town connection, which I love.  A couple of summers ago while I was pregnant with Ollie we came here a lot to play on the beach, getting ice creams or stroll around the little town and I remember we both really wanted to live here one day and now we do.

I guess we don’t come much out because of the weather to, it is freezing cold here an average of minus 20-25 celsius and a bunch of snow.  I love the snow more than anything and could live in snow all year around, but the cold is just to much and I can’t wait to a little warmer weather so we can come outside and explore our new surroundings.

I’am a stay at home mom and it is a very normal title to have over here.  Most of the mom’s I’ve met at our little library in town are all stay at home moms, they all worked before having kids, but after decided not to go back to work and take care of the kids from home.  It is extremely expensive sending your kiddo to a daycare (Vuggestue) and preschool (børnehave) over here,  I looked at daycares around here and it is around 2000-3000 kroners a week, im sure you can do the math yourself if you want your kiddos to go every day. CRAZY!  They have options to choose from like ‘drop in care’ or just one or two days a week, which lots of family’s do.  If you have a average or lower income in Denmark, you get support from the government to send your child to a daycare or pre school full time because you have to get back to your work.  If you can’t go back to your job you had before maternity leave you get paid from the government every month so you can support your children until you find a new job.  You can also get ‘house support’ where they benefit you with some extra cash to pay rent and then there is ‘child support’ money you get for each child every 3 month, to help you get new shoes, clothes or whatever you may need/want for your kids.  Looking back at little tiny Denmark from over here in USA, I look at a country there is extremely lucky, privllege and where it is almost impossible being poor or not have anything at all, there is always someone to help you or hold your hand through hard times.  You don’t see a lot of homeless people living on the streets, you don’t see ghetto’s like ghetto’s here or areas where you shouldn’t be walking after mid day.  Denmark is such a little bubble of happiness compared to USA and it is almost unfair to compare because USA is so much larger and the way things work in Denmark would never work here unless some kind of revolution happened.

I will admit being a stay at home mom is hard and I wish I could drop my kids of at a daycare and preschool some days just to get some alone time.  But I also feel very lucky and happy when I know Im here for kids all the time and they get full attention from me and my husband (who works from home)  So being this privilege to be able to be a stay at home momma makes my heart very happy and thankful.

Our oldest will start in kindergarten (Børnehaveklasse) this fall.  It’s a Spanish immersion class where Spanish will be there main language and then English.  I love the idea about her learning a 3rd language so early in life,  our children is given lots of opportunities over here and learning things they would never have learned living in Denmark.  You can pretty much find all kinds of different schools in your neighborhood, there is something for everybody, French, Spanish, Chinese, private, religious and lots more options to choose from.  In Denmark its more spread out, the small town we lived in did not have lots of options so you either have to adapt to your local school or find a school in a different city, travel far or move.  It is also hard to find international schools in Denmark there is not private owned.  So finding a French or Spanish immersion school is almost impossible.

Bottom line is that there is a bunch more opportunities here in USA then in Denmark and im super stoked to show my kids an unlimited life fulfilled with options.

Love Lou

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