We been living at my in laws for a little over two months now, we moved straight into there home when we came from Denmark to live here in USA.  The idea of living together until we found our own house was fine with me and I was sure that we could find a house fast.  I love that my kids have have so much time with there USA grandparents and living with them for a while, they have played and snuggles like never before and that means so much to me.  But we found a house and its time for us to move in and start a life on our own here in USA.  Now it really begins, we are officially living in USA, nuts!  I Still can’t believe that this is happening, I miss everybody in Denmark so much and everything about Denmark(not the weather though) so for me it’s hard to build a life here, I been truly struggling with us moving here, there have been many tears and deep deep hard feelings, its been a long process for me to adjust to our new surroundings and I really don’t know if I will ever be 100% comfortable with living here in the US, I guess im just a true danish gal and my heart will always be in Denmark.  On the other hand I love that my kids get adventures here in life, meet new people, have duel citizen ships and speaks danish and English, I love the fact that they get outside of little tiny bubble Denmark and see that the world is not only pink and bright, that you have to struggle here in life and you have to work hard every single day to make things spin around.

Im trying to think of all the good things here, stay positive and trying to be strong for my kids so they get the best out of it.  The most important thing for me is to show them that life is hard some times but you never give up, you make the best out of it and you fight and find your comfort zone and you adapt.  I want my kids to get the best out of it here and its my job to guide them and build a solid base for them to walk on and I will do that as the parent I am, because they mean everything to me.  Sometimes they see tears and sometimes they see yelling but its all part of being human, you show emotions and you learn about all the different feelings that may appear and that’s ok.

Our new home is in a little super cozy town, only 2000 people living there, there is a little main street with coffee shops, restaurants and shops, there is a harbor, a beach, a big playground and park by the lake where there is a ton of activities in the summer time, beautiful nature and good schools.  Our home is by a tiny tiny lake/pond and at a death end so no traffic and surrounded by trees. Our neighbors have two kids and we met them the other day and im sure Alfa is gonna be running next door all the time to play.  At my in laws we have my sister in law in the house next to us, she have four boys that Alfa plays with all the time so im happy there is some kids to play with on our new street as well.

I know life is gonna be good at our new place and I know as long as I have my husband and kids in my arms I am the happiest momma alive no matter where in world I may be.


Happy international family!  Where do we end up next ?! Because we are not done exploring this world yet.  As my husbands always say ‘we are citizens of the world’

Love Lou ❤

Posted by:Danishmom

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