I want to give you some ideas to a healthier alternative to some different foods if you want to loose weight and get strong.  I had a really hard time finding yummy options for my Friday candy days where I allow myself to eat some good carbs, I really love ice cream,  real black licorice and chocolate and I would not live without, so therefore I had to come up with some healthier alternatives to all of these high refined sugar products.  Im trying to eliminate artificial foods, im so scared of all the unreal chemistry and cruelty ingredients out there, so clean organic eating means everything to me.


Here is some ideas to a healthier alternative if you want to loose weight.

  1. SPAGHETTI –  I replace my spaghetti with zucchini, red/green cabbage or shredded carrots, butternut squash or beets.  If you try this, you will feel a lot more light in your tummy and you will get rid of a bunch of calories.
  2. RICE – I blend my cauliflower and use that as a replacement for rice.
  3. POTATOES – Try to bake or roast some beets, parsnip or any kind of roots.
  4. BREAD – Use lettuce, cabbage or big mushrooms as your burger bread or hotdog bun, try my hotdog recipe here .  There is a ton of recipes on broccoli, cauliflower or any kind of veggie bread out there, great alternatives to bread and a great way to get less carbs.  Try my low carb pizza right here
  5. SODAS – Sparkling water with tons of lime/lemon, organic raw vanilla extract or add any kind of fruit, blueberries, raspberries, orange or strawberries and let it soak in the fridge over night.


Here is some ideas to a healthier alternative if you want to eat 100% clean on your candy days. Still lots of carbs, but the good kind. 

  1. ICE CREAM – I make my own sort of ice cream called nice cream, based on frozen bananas.  You can pretty much add whatever you desire, like any kind of fruit, peanut butter, raw chocolate powder, licorice powder, nuts, coconut etc. try being creative and create you own kind of yummy NICE cream.
  2. CHOCOLATE BARS – Try ‘my kind of snickers’ here they are a great alternative to the real snickers bar. You can make so many different bars that almost get the taste of the real deal. WIN!
  3. CANDY –  These date balls here  is really good and will for sure cover my sugar needs.  Dip all kinds of fruits in raw melted chocolate and roll in coconut flour, frozen chopped berries, licorice powder or pumpkin seed flour. YUM!  You can take some medjool dates open them up and fill with peanut butter, nuts or pieces of fruits.  You can make your own sugar free marzipan and nougat and make little marzipan/nougat balls and roll them in nuts.  Try to dip apples in peanut butter, CLASSIC!
  4. CAKES – There is so so so many sugar free natural cake recipes out there, I really like to use HippeLanes recipes, super good and cruelty free. Another one is my amazing muffins right here good alternative to get a bunch of good stuff in your body. Or try my banana pancakes here


Love Lou<3

Posted by:Danishmom


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