When I started my new lifestyle in April this last year I couldn’t loose weight fast enough. I wanted results right away.  I was on such a tight program with my diet and my work out’s that I freaked out and got super stressed if something came in my way and couldn’t make it to the gym.  I felt like I’v’e gained everything I lost the minute I ate carbs and didn’t get my training in.  When I look back at the first phase of my new lifestyle, I look at a mother who wanted to succeed with herself, body, being mother and wife, but it was a little to much.  I was running fast, to fast.

It all takes time to succeed weather its your personal life, your business or loose weight and get strong.  You have to commit to the long progress.  You can’t be naive and think you can loose 10 pounds over night, its mentally and physically hard work from the beginning until you reached your goal and then you have to maintain your new lifestyle and make new goals.  But the progress is all worth it, because when you feel good about yourself you pretty much feel good about everything else.  For me its all about that empowered feeling.

My motivation has always been there since I started.  I was so ready to be the best, get strong and fit for myself and most of all for my kids.  I wanted to show them that when you start something you do it to the end and you do not give up if things gets a little hard.  You try your hardest to reach your goals and when things seems to fall once and for all you lift yourself up and continue.  I don’t want them to be an excuse to themselves.  SO therefore I will always be motivated to do my best for me and my kids.

After 4-5 months into my new lifestyle of lifting heavy and trying out my new diet, I started to relax a little more, it got more natural to me and I really liked everything about my new lifestyle, the food and the lifting heavy – I was full of energy.  When I started seeing good results like my before and after pictures I got even more motivated.  I got so proud of myself I had actually lost a bunch of inches and weight.  I had to change my entire wardrobe because my old clothes got to big and my kids got a mother who was filled up with energy and could run around and spin them like a rollercoaster without losing my breath. SUCCESS!

It’s been 8 months since my new journey started and I lost a total of 57.3 pounds(26 kg) and the most important is that I feel good in my own skin, I feel strong like a warrior and I’m in the best shape of my life and I am not done with reaching my goals.  If you commit and stay consistence you can do it to – if I can you can!

Some Wednesday feelings for you to think about and remember there is no excuses just move and get it done.

Love Lou<3

Posted by:Danishmom

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