I want to talk a little about protein today, because Im al ways baffled why so many people at the gym drinks protein shakes while they work out, right before or right after. Many people with no time to stop for lunch grab a protein bar or a protein shake. Are all these extra proteins necessary for an optimal strength building and a weight loss? Probably not.

Proteins in our bodies are broken down constantly and re-arranged. Our bodies reuse most of the released amino acids, but a small portion is lost and must be replaced in the diet. The requirement for protein reflects this lost amount of amino acids plus any increased needs from growth or illness. The Recommended allowance for protein for adults is 0.8 g/kg of body weight. The recommended dietary allowance a day for an adult weighing 140 pounds (63.6 kg) is around 51 grams of protein, an amount many consume before mid-afternoon.


Chicken, fish, beef, pork
SKYR (yogurt)
Cottage Cheese

A 200-pound bodybuilder whose protein needs are approximately 155 grams per day. Which energy needs approximately 4500 kcals per day, his protein needs are only 14% of his total calories(energy). However, his diet will need careful planning. If he requires engineered foods such as bars and shakes, it will most likely be to meet his energy needs rather than his protein needs.

I never drink any kind of protein shakes, I eat some bars once in a while but its not to grow my muscles its usually as a snack in between my meals.  I would never replace a protein shake or bar with a full meal.  Iv’e been able to grow my muscles with only getting protein through my meals and lifting heavy.  If you eat variety of foods you will meet your protein needs and you don’t need to consume extra proteins.


I learned everything I know from studying the Inner body

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  1. I’ve just started a strength training program at my gym and I’ve never understood why so many people have to drink protein shakes all the time. I agree, that you can get all the protein you need from following a protein-rich diet.

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  2. your information has tons of variables and is not entirely accurate. Being a bodybuilder, I am natural and i eat very clean, I have tried to lower protein and go mostly vegetarian, and the easiest explanation is this, We all like to think we dont NEED protein, mainly due to the mistreatment of animals, but the point is… having equal parts protein, carbs, fats, and balanced with LOTS of healthy fiber, ultimately lead to the best results. Can you build some muscle and be in shape with low amounts of protein? yes… however this is something to think about. The best athletes and fitness professionals eat a balanced diet. Very few top athletes are vegetarian, and virtually none are vegans.

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    1. I’m not saying don’t eat any protein at all! I’m saying you don’t need all those extra added protein on top of your already protein meals. You don’t need to drink tons of protein shakes, you can build strength and loose weight by eating a variety of foods 🙌🏻☺️💪🏻


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