I always need something when im done with my work out to restore and stay energized.  I always drink tons of water to stay hydrated and then I eat a little something.  Here I give you some ideas to a post work out snack.

  • Veggie snacks, like celery, peber fruits, carrots or cucumber, I love to eat foods that I have to chew really good and have pretty colors.
  • A smoothie.  It could be kale, coconut milk, avocado, spirulina or beets, celery, ginger and orange.
  •  Snack protein bar, I love RXBAR, they keep it simple and use very few ingredients that you all know of. No cruelty! They also have many varieties to choose from.
  • My healthy muffins, check out the recipe right here
  • Eggs is a good source of protein and will give you what you need after a good hard work out.
  • Nuts is always good, they are filled with good fat and good carbs – BUT be careful eating to many nuts if you want to loose some pounds.

Remember to drink tons of water to stay hydrated!

Love you ❤

Posted by:Danishmom


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