By changing these simple things in your daily life will for sure improve your health and your mind into the better. You will feel more energized through out the day, you will feel less bloated in your tummy and you will get a happy body and mind.

  • Get a full night of sleep, you need 7-9 hours a night to feel rested and have the energy you need to keep going the whole day.
  • Drink a BIG glass of half boiled water and half cold water every morning – squishhhh some lime in there and bottoms up!
  • Become an early bird and wake up before the sun, give yourself good time in the morning to start your day.
  • Eliminate bad carbs in your daily diet, try to only eat the good natural sugars when you need something sweet and only a little. Your tummy will thank you!
  • Exercise 3-4 days a week, and hour is fine! Just MOVE.
  • Get lots of fresh air through out the day. Β  Take deep breaths to give your brain oxygen. Meditate or do some stretching.
  • Give yourself time to be good to yourself, think about what you put in your body and put on it, use no cruelty in your products and your foods.
  • Turn up the music and DANCE, free up yourself. Β Dancing will make your endorphins sparkle and you will feel full of energy.
  • Make all your foods from scratch and try to eliminate pasta, bread and pre made dressings, sauces, smoothies, etc – they are filled up with hidden sugars!
  • Be careful with to much phone and computer right before bedtime, the blue light in electronic devices can disturb your hormones and will make it harder for you to fall a sleep. Some phones and computers now have a night light you can turn on though.
  • Stay hydrated. DRINK lots of water!

Love Lou ❀

Posted by:Danishmom


    1. Your body consume lukewarm water a lot better than ice cold water. If you start your day with ice water you can give your vital organs a chock and they will work less effective! πŸ™ŒπŸ»β˜ΊοΈ


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