A big shout out to the absolute best most effective training I have ever tried in my life and I have tried many! I’m speaking truly from my heart when I tell you that F45 training is the most badass training out there. The F is for functional and the 45 is the time of the 27 different kinds of classes except one class called the Hollywood class which is 1 hour long.  The classes are cardio and strength based and is scheduled so you do resistance one day and cardio the next.



When you walk in to the F45 gym you get filled up with power, energy and the biggest smiles from the trainers, they want the same as you, succeed and help you through the classes using there extremely good knowledge about all the different exercises an how the body work.



It’s a circuit work out, where you have a bunch of different stations with different exercises.  It all depends what class it is.  You do 30 to 60 seconds at each station and then move on to the next one. You do that for 45 minutes.  The energy among people is awesome and very motivating.  High fives are given all the time and you help push each other throughout the minutes.  I am so excited every time I go and can’t wait to kill another class together.  The trainers and the work outs make it fun to get you in the best shape of your life with F45 training.  And bonus is, that there is a DJ spinning records every Saturday during the 1 hour long Hollywood class. COOL!


I go to F45 training in Southwest Minneapolis pretty much every day.  If not, for sure every second day.  Come try it out, I promise you will not be disappointed, you will only get in better shape, get stronger and meet awesome super motivated trainers and people who is on the same journey as you in life.

F45 is growing fast, take a look below at the map and see if there is one near you and jump a long. Link to the map under picture!

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 8.53.10 PM

F45 Map here: F45 find a studio near you.

Go check it out the website here: F45 Southwest Minneapolis

Follow on instagram here: F45 Training Minneapolis

They are on facebook to, right here: F45 training southwest MPLS

Hope to see you there!

Love Lou ❤

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