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I have mentioned it before and I will probably do it again, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! This year will be a little different because we will be celebrating Christmas here in Minnesota and I will not have my side of the family around, which makes me so sad. But I am so lucky to have an amazing USA family here and I will make sure to add some danish Christmas traditions and some danish Christmas foods.

In Denmark most families do calendar gifts where the “elf” brings you a little present every day til Christmas Eve, so you have to find 24 little presents for your kiddos.  This year Alfa and Ollie will have there little elf come with presents every day and they will have a stocking hanging on the fireplace, my plan is to only put some candy in Alfas stocking on the Fridays.

Our house Elf is called Wayne MacJingles and move in the 1st of dec. We arrange everything for him, we put up a little house, shoes and clothes and make him food every day. Some times he is being naughty and will tease the kids with hanging toilet paper all over there rooms, color the milk blue, put nuts in our shoes or hang the present from the ceiling. He usually writes a note every day(Me or my husband) to tell what he is going to do and wish us a good day. The kids love it and so do i.

Below is some ideas for Calendar gifts or for your stocking stuffers. Links under picture.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 9.16.43 PM

Super hero cape//Chalkboard Laptop//Conversation Cards//Coloring Book//Unicorn Headband//wood cactus//Dino car//Nail stickers//Watercolor//Space Puzzle//Lion Rattle//Unicorn Cupcake kit//Unicorn Balloons//Advent Calendar//Wood Toaster//Wood Grill Set//Magnetic Rocket//Magic Set//School Set//World traveler Set//Block Set//Magnetic Game//208 Piece Puzzle//Chalkboard Dolls//Super hero coloring book//Snow Globe Kit//Tattoo For Charity//Alphabet Book//In my heart Book//Nutcracker Ornaments//Star Wand//Shrinking Set//Dino Puzzle

Go explore and find yourself some awesome count down gifts for your kiddos.


Love Lou ❤

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