Maybe it’s that time of the month or maybe you just can’t beat those munch days where you just have the need to snack the whole day on something that is super unnecessary and does no good for you!  I find it very hard resisting ice cream or black licorice.  If I’m in a super crave mood I end up eating all the snacks I can find around the house and after I feel so bad.  If you follow these simples guidelines I promise you can win over your bad cravings through out the day.

So how can you stop those crazy cravings you get:

  • First of all, get rid of any kind of unhealthy foods in your house.
  • Make sure to get a good start in the morning by making yourself a good healthy breakfast that fills you up good. You can’t start your day with hunger!
  • Make little healthy snacks ready for the whole day, have a container in the fridge filled up with carrots, cucumbers, peppers or any kind of veggie or fruit you prefer so its easy just to grab when you need something to chew on right away.
  • Make sure to drink TOOOONS of water.
  • Put on your shoes and go for a walk, keep moving through out the day and get lots of fresh air.
  • Get a good loooong night of sleep, lack of sleep makes your brain want quick energy and that’s where your cravings for empty carbs and fat sets in.
  • And most important one, DON’T shop when you are hungry,  you always buy loads of unnecessary foods that you don’t need and get a little something for the car ride home. So stay full through out your day and plan your grocery trip out.
  • Another thing is stress, if you can feel that you are getting a little stressed about something, try to sit down, count to ten and relax, meditate whatever helps you, drink a big glass of water or go outside and get some fresh air. Those stress hormones wants unhealthy food like empty carbs, which does nothing good for you other than feeling bad.
  • Working out helps my stress a lot, a little alone time with some heavy lifting makes me feel strong and ready to conquer my day and cravings.

Hope this can help your inner munch monster a little and remember to fill yourself up with all the good clean and healthy foods doing your day.  Good luck!

Love Lou




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