Give those endorphins something good, make them sparkle and shine and let them move around all the time. Make yourself powerful and fill your mind, soul and body up with all the good stuff. Move everyday! Get out there, there is no excuses, do it now and not tomorrow then you already missed out.  Jump out of the couch and you already moved, walk to your car, and you already move, continue, run, walk, continue, jump, lift, spin, dance, swim whatever – JUST move and do it again and again….


I get motivated every day when I wake up and see my kids, I want them to have a strong and healthy mom, I want them to see that I have self discipline and I work hard with my training, with motherhood and life general.  I want to teach my kids not to give up if something in life hits you with hard things I want them to keep trying and move forward.


I am there biggest role model, and that’s why I want to better myself every day.  Not saying I don’t get weak to and give in, miss the gym a day or two or eat a bunch of ice cream, but I never fall so deep that I can’t lift myself up again, nothing and no one can make me fall that deep.  When I lose my motivation I go into my thoughts or go see my kids tell myself it’s not worth it and I am better than this I jump back up and take over every weak thought I may have.  Because I am a strong woman who created this lifestyle and I created my kids, therefore I stand. You can do the same, if I can, you can. easy!

I want to motivate you to get moving and share everything I learned so therefore I will work on a training video for you guys, so you can get started. Until next time, get that butt of the couch MOVE and be strong.

Love Lou ❤

Posted by:Danishmom


  1. Sometimes I am so involved in my child’s life that I forget about myself. Although I am his role model, I don’t think I’m doing enough for myself to show him the best of me. Thank you for reminding me to be strong and healthy for them and myself.

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