I want to introduce my daughter to you now that she is a big part of me and this blog.

IMG_1251Alfa, my sweet sweet girl who was made in L.A at my husbands movie premiere and came out as a racket. She was born with at bunch of curly black hair and blue eyes, she was just perfect! We stayed at the hospital hotel 4 days after she was born, the staff was so friendly and very helpful, they served you food and came right away if there was the smallest problems. Alfa was an very easy and calm baby, she loved hanging on me all the time, we never had to run after her, she knew what she liked and she knew what her limits where from a very young age. She’s the kind of girl that doesn’t jump into new things unless she is 100% sure about them, she’s never been that fearless.


She is extremely silly, loves to goof around, dress up, play board games, pretend games and love to sit and be creative.  She is enjoying life to the fullest with always being happy with a BIG smile on her face and a funny saying, like ”simmer simmer who got the keys to my bimmer” she dance around the house and sing opera or pretend she is a monster who’s gonna eat us or poop on our head.  Her head is full of imaginations.  She is a little entertainer.

Alfa is a girl that knows what she wants and is very independent, she likes to be in charge, she do not give in easily.  She inspire me everyday with always being full of energy and she makes my concerns disappear with her caring and kind soul, she takes me places I never thought I would go in my head and she makes me realize that I shouldn’t take this life for granted, she makes me believe in humanity and tells me every day it’s gonna be okay and kiss my cheeks if she can feel I have a bad day.


Alfa my sweet sweet girl you are my life, I have no clue how I lived before you. I learn so much from you every day and I am so so proud and lucky to be your mother,  you make my heart pound and my knees soft, you make me happy.  I love you.



I hope you all have a great day and night and remember to love!

Love Lou ❤

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