USA vs. Denmark, that’s all i been thinking about the last year, knowing that we would move to USA soon. It’s been extremely hard for me to getting use to the idea about living another place than little tiny privelleged Denmark, which i love, that’s where i grew up, have my family, friends, that’s where i feel home. Alfa went to kindergarten in Denmark which you go to from 3 years old to 5 years old. She had a bunch of super close friends from there and saying goodbye to them was heartbreaking to watch. We threw a little going away party with a bunch of pancakes and playing. I had a good relationshsip with some of the moms as well and every week when the little ones had there gymnastics we did our  work out in an room next to where the gymnastic was or drank tons of coffee and talked while the kids played together. I guess i miss those days.

We lived in a small town called RY, in Jylland which has around 5,000 people living there. It is a beautiful little town with everything you need. Beautiful nature, good schools, activities, boutiques, lakes, rivers, and lots of really good friends. I’ve been trying to find the good things about living here in USA. One thing is that my kids learn perfect english young. Also our goal is to have Alfa starting in a french immersion school within the next year, so hopefully she will be able to speak 3 languages by the age of 6 or 7 years old.?! That would be awesome for her! What i also like about living here is to learn nothing is free. You have to pay for everything like healthcare, schools, daycares, dentist, nothing is given to you. Showing our kids that you have to work hard and earn everything, is good valuable knowledge to get in early age and know that you can’t be lazy.  In denmark we get free healthcare, free dentist til we are 18, free schools, 1 year paid maternity leave, support from the government if you don’t have or can’t find a job, ‘child support’ every three months til your kids are 18, home support and you can get a special deal on daycares and kindergardens if you have a low income(and the daycares and kindergardens which are standard for us would be high end and very expensive here it seems), and more. I remember when my husband came to Denmark the first time, learning about the country, he called it a ‘UTOPIA’ and i agree with him.

Some pictures from our home in Denmark

Ry town
Ry town
Church of Ry, build in 1909
Walking trail right next to our house in Ry
Ry harbor
Our backyard in Ry and Alfa’s amazing playhouse, which her grandfather builded for her as a suprise.
Our backyard in Ry
Another walking trail close to our house
A little Restaurant called ‘Aale Kroen’
And one of Ry’s biggest attractions ‘himmelbjerget'(sky mountain) is one of danmarks highest natural points.

I will begin making these post about USA vs. Denmark every week, so stay tuned for part 2. next saturday. Have lovely day!

Love Lou ❤

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