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Today we did absolutely nothing, slept in, had a late pancake breakfast, got ready for the day, played some board games and danced around the house playing evil witches with magic wands. I’m not so good at doing ‘nothing’ i kinda start to get restless and i feel like I’m wasting my time and if i go a whole day with out going to the gym, which is ‘my time’ i feel like i didnt succeed that day.  But, how lucky am i to be a stay at home mom, being around my kids all day everyday. I think i need to remind myself sometimes how privelleged i am and how happy my kids are with me being around so much. After moving to USA i have had this need to do something more than being a stay at home mom.  I want to create stuff, inspire and motivate others around me and i want to give them a chance to succeed in life too, that’s why i started this blog. I guess i just tangent in other directions with some friday feelings.




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Other than playing around the house today, we went outside with some warm coffee and started raking leafs in the backyard, Alfa, Ollie and there cousin helped as well.  After my husband took the kiddos to a playground to play in the snow that came suddenly.  It was such a cozy relaxing snowy day. Hope you all had a great friday. I have nothing else for you, other than A thank you for hanging around, it feels great inside knowing so many people is visiting my blog.

Love Lou ❤

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