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I LOVE beautiful things, high end design, bright colors to lighten up my day and lots of fun art.  I am a sucker for everything that has to do with decorating, moving around the house or finding weird different vintage knick-knacks. I can’t wait til we get our own house here in minnesota, (we are currently living with my husbands parents til we find the right house, which is so HARD)  BUT,  i’m most excited to decorate the kids rooms, it almost tickles in my stomach to get it done and I have so many ideas in my head i just want to get out in real life.

Every time we been here on vacation i haven’t been able to find what i was looking for when it comes to decor and design, i’ve been searching around the interweb and asked around for specific stores, with no luck.

That’s why i got super happy when i found ‘The Land Of Nod’ online store. They have what i was looking for, a bunch of good quality toys, furniture, and a whole lot of other cute stuff i have never seen before. JUHU!


The Land Of Nod has given me a deal for you guys, you get up to 80% off all end sales right HERE

I’m looking at these items below for Alfa and Ollie’s rooms. Get them HERE

Go get lost in The Land of Nod  -ENJOY


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