I’ve never been so fit and strong as i am now. Before i got pregnant with Alfa i wasen’t thinking to much about my health or food, i drank a lot of alcohol and went out almost every weekend. When i found out i had a little human inside me, i stopped drinking alcohol, coffee and got into the mommy role fast. My pregnancy with Alfa was hard, i puked for 3 months, i could barely eat any foods and it would come up again, i lost a lot of weight the first 6 months, before i started feeling better and could eat again. I only gained a total of 15 lbs. After birth i slowly gained more more weight, and after a couple years, i realized that i was not happy in my own body, it made me sad and i guess i wasn’t strong enough to not care and just be fine with the way i looked, it was not my body and i would not accept it. Around a year and half ago, right before i got pregnant with Ollie, i was big(in my own eyes) i weighted 194 lbs, and i was trying to hide my body  wearing big sweaters. I got pregnant with Ollie, it was a totally different pregnancy this time, i ate SO much all the time, super fat, high on calories foods, lots of icecream and candy and no exercise. I was not good to myself and i gained 50 lbs. After birth i was disgusted with the way i looked, i know i just gave birth to a baby and my body would change slowly back to my ”normal” size again. But, it was not enough for me, i wanted to be stronger than i have ever been before, i wanted to do this for myself and also for my kids and husband. I contacted a personal trainer and had a long talk with him about life, food, health and lifting heavy. I was kind of sceptical with the whole lifting heavy idea, i did not really believe that i would loose weight, i thought i needed to do lots of cardio. He told me different and got me convinced. I started my training, a 14 week course, two times a week. I LOVED IT and was excited every time i had a work out with my personal trainer. I slowly started to loose weight and build muscles. its been 8 months since i started my new lifestyle and i have never been happier with my body, mind or heart. I will never go back to a unhealthy life again and i will never gain so much weight again.


I lost a total of 59,2 lbs and a bunch of inches. I went down 3 sizes in my jeans.

I work out pretty much every day, strength one day and cardio the next. I eat very clean and simple, i have 1-2 days a week where i can eat a ‘refill’ meal.


JUST DO IT, it only takes a drive, bike or whatever to the gym, there is no excuses for not treating your body as a temple. Be good to it, you have to live in it your whole life, you have to wake up every day not thinking about how you look, it is a waste of time, so why not just make it the way you like it, right NOW! I believe in myself every day and i believe in you. Consistency is my secret to you!

If you are interested in a weekly meal plan – Just contact me at danishmom@danishmom.dk and i will tell you more.

I hope you all have a great day, and remember not to be an excuse for yourself.

Love Lou ❀

Posted by:Danishmom

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