Hello lovely people. I woke up early after only 4 hours of sleep with a very fuzzy baby and Alfa that have been sleep talking through the whole night, ASK if i had big fat sausages under my eyes, YES! Well a bath and a coffee later i was on my way to do a ‘hollywood class’ at F45 training, which is a new kind of training i been trying out the past two weeks -but more about that another day.

After an extremely hard work out i went back home and got ready for our halloween party at The Galleria in Edina. It was super fun, lots of costumes and treats for all the kiddos, face painting and coloring, and of cause we went to Barnes&Noble, our favorite bookstore/cafè for a little lunch and some coffee, it kinda turned into a another girls date.


Alfas skeleton shirt, pants and my shirt are from H&M. My pants are from Stine Goya.
IMG_7293 (1)
The Galleria

Got home and started baking some good muffins for our block party down the road, i will share my recipe another day with you, cause they are delicious and without any kind of bad stuff, you HAVE to try them out.


Well, put on our warmest winter suits and joined the fun. Some kids were dressed up, there was a fire to keep us warm, everybody brought a treat to share and there was some fun games. Really cosy saturday with lots of parties and not a lot of relaxing, so that is needed now, goodnight world, hope you all had an awesome saturday.



Love Lou ❀

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