‘Lets fall in love’ …. Thats what i wrote to this dude on facebook. I kinda knew who he was from his job in the ski world. He was interesting, hansom and had a passion for life like no one else. We typed back and forth for a couple of months… It turned into some pretty long life stories, i liked it and i started to like this stranger A LOT. I went to paris for some months over the summer with a friend -drinks, going out, dancing all nights long, eatin tons of macarons and baguettes. He wrote me Happy birthday, after a long break from typing. I got this chill inside and knew i HAD to see this stranger in real life, i could not let him go. He was from USA, which made it even more interesting. He was going to Annecy in France to this big Ski Film Festival and i’ve been talking about going for a while, so after i knew he was coming, i pretty much jumped on a airplane with some friends to spent the weekend in Annecy and hopfully see my stranger crush.


La Plage, was the name of the place i saw him the very first time in life. It was weird, exciting and seemed like a crazy dream. I had a crush on ‘the stranger’ i’ve never seen before, and only typed with on facebook. And now he was here and i was here, it had to be good for a reason. We were here together. He was amazing. We kissed, We danced and we talked the whole night. I was in love, it was love at first sight. There was butterflies and chills. it was magical.


We said goodbye, he had to leave and i had to leave. None of us knew what the future would bring.

I could not be away from him, a month after i travelled to usa to see him again.

He said i love you and so did I, Β a year after i got pregnant with our beautiful daughter Alfa Lilje and today we also have a hansom little man, Ollie. There was no doubts, ‘the stranger’ from the interweb got my heart.

A little story about how my life changed from one day to another ❀

Love Lou

Posted by:Danishmom

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